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Для персонажа в Warlords of Draenor, см. Велен (Warlords of Draenor).
Пророк Велен
Изображение для Пророк Велен
Звание <Пророк Наару, Божественный, Великий Пророк>
Пол Мужской
Раса Дреней (эредар) (Гуманоид)
Уровень  ?? Босс
Класс персонажа Жрец (WoW); Шаман (TCG)
Фракция Альянс, Экзодар
Деятельность Лидер дренеев
Зона Чертог Света, Экзодар
Статус Живой
Родня Кил'джеден, Архимонд (бывшие друзья, ставшие для него заклятыми врагами)
Ученик(и) Андуин Ринн
"Where faith dwells, hope is never lost." [1]

Велен является лидером дренейского народа, улетевшего с родной планеты Аргус за 25,000 лет до первого вторжения орков в Азерот. Известный как Пророк, он обладает даром Предвиденья, и — с помощью Света — направляет свой народ, после изгнания Пылающим Легионом, куда примкнули их собратья-эредары. Он является заклятым врагом (ранее лучшим другом) Кил'джедена.

В недавнем прошлом дренеи обосновались на Азероте, надеясь положить конец кровавому походу Легиона в Запределье. Видя доблестные деяния Альянса, Велен со своими последователями решили присоединиться к этой отважной фракции. Альянс, усиленный новыми союзниками, помог дренеям отбить их прежние владения у Пылающего Легиона. После побед в Запределье Велен воспользовался сердцем павшего наару, чтобы освятить оскверненный Солнечный колодец эльфов крови, превратив его в источник энергии Света и тайной магии.

Пусть союзникам удалось нанести значительный урон силам Легиона в Запределье и остановить вторжение демонов в Азерот, в эти дни Велен обеспокоен предстоящей схваткой добра и зла.[2]



Местоположение Уровень Здоровье
Экзодар  ?? 523,364,416
Остров Кровавой Дымки  ?? 2,095,800
Плато Солнечного Колодца  ?? 1,897,000

Восхождение Орды

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Twenty-five thousand years ago, the world of Argus was shaped into a paradise by the eredar race who called it home. Velen, who is known and respected for his immense wisdom, compassion and magical prowess, rose as a leader of Argus, alongside Archimonde and Kil'jaeden, with whom he formed a deep friendship and affection. He even saw both of them as "extensions of his soul", so deep was their friendship. He was particularly close to Kil'jaeden, whom they loved and respected each other as brother. One day, the peace of the eredar was shattered. Sargeras, Destroyer of Worlds, had noticed the achievements of the eredar. Instead of destroying Argus, Sargeras appeared before the leaders of the eredar. Presenting himself as a benevolent entity, Sargeras offered to transform the eredar into an even more powerful race of beings, with the goal of unifying all the races of the universe. In return, they would serve Sargeras as his perfect spellcasters, spreading his universal union with every world they touched. Two of the eredar's triumvirate of leaders, Archimonde and Kil'jaeden, along with two-thirds of the eredar population, took the offer. Only one eredar leader realized the true horror of Sargeras' Burning Crusade: Velen.

Velen, unlike Archimonde and Kil'jaeden, had the gift of "Sight", and was granted a vision by the naaru K'ure of the truth of Sargeras' plot. The utopia that Sargeras had promised was a lie, much to Velen's horror. He at first saw himself at the head of a vast eredar force of the Light, spreading the gifts of their race to worlds beyond count, as Sargeras had said; the next moment, he saw the truth. Sargeras had no intention of unification. His vision was one of death, of razing entire worlds to bare rock and ashes. And the eredar were not to be the bringers of enlightenment with their new powers; they would be man'ari, twisted, malevolent shadows of their former selves devoted to the destruction of worlds for the glory of Sargeras' terrible Burning Crusade. Horrified, Velen desperately prayed for guidance. K'ure appeared before him, reassured Velen that his plight had been heard, and instructed him to gather up his followers and go to the highest mountain on Argus, during the longest day of the year. Velen and his followers barely escaped the newly created Burning Legion. From then on, Kil'jaeden vowed to hunt down Velen and his followers and slaughter them, even if it took a thousand years.[3]

The Legion chased the exiles, or "draenei" ("Exiled Ones") as they had come to be known, across the universe for thousands of years. Each time Kil'jaeden approached, the naaru granted new powers to Velen to preserve his race. After millennia of flight, Velen and his people were finally able to evade the Legion settled on a world they named Draenor.

Velen and the draenei were taken from Argus via the crystal-ship that became known by the orcs as Oshu'gun — "Mountain of Spirits". As they settled onto their new homeworld, the draenei came into contact with the orcish clans, and began to trade with them; the relations with the orcs were cordial, but aloof and businesslike. While the draenei established themselves and built the city of Shattrath as their capital, Velen set up his own private refuge at the Temple of Karabor, on the eastern edge of the lands of the Shadowmoon Clan.

While he was visiting the town of Telmor in Terokkar Forest, Velen met two orcs who would later shape the destiny of the Horde — Durotan, heir to the chieftainship of the Frostwolf clan, and the future Orgrim Doomhammer; Telmor's captain of the guard, Velen's friend Restalaan, had rescued them from an ogre attack. Their dinner discussions spoke much of the orcish heritage and of the prophecy relating to the Doomhammer, which Orgrim would receive upon the death of his father — the prophecy of how, after bringing salvation then doom in the hands of the last of the Doomhammer line, it would pass into the hands of one of non-Blackrock lineage, who would wield it and lead the orcs to salvation.

Over the eons after their escape from Argus, Kil'jaeden continued his search for Velen and his followers, but was frustrated when he found only traces of where they had been. His agents had managed to locate Draenor, and reported back to him both the conditions the draenei lived in and the people that lived on their world. Realizing that he had found the tool of vengeance, Kil'jaeden appeared to the elder shaman Ner'zhul, and informed him that the draenei were plotting against them.

Over a short span of time, the draenei came under increasing attack by the orcs, convinced that the draenei were their enemies. Concerned, Velen sent a courier to Ner'zhul, asking for a reason behind the attacks, and requesting a meeting in the shadow of Oshu'gun. The orcs, however, had killed the courier, and Ner'zhul did not wish to attend the meeting himself. Instead, he sent for Durotan, who captured Velen and his entourage. Velen tried to explain the true purpose of Oshu'gun to the Frostwolves but Durotan and his chief shaman, Drek'Thar, grew angered by what they perceived as blasphemy. Despite this, and despite the orders from Ner'zhul, Durotan released Velen and his fellows, taking their ata'mal crystals instead.

Over time, attacks against the draenei became increasingly violent. The newly-established Horde, now directed by Ner'zhul's apprentice, Gul'dan - who had become Kil'jaeden's pupil in the art of the warlock - began to assault and destroy draenei settlements to appease their new master. Durotan led the assault on Telmor, utilizing one of the captured crystals to allow him to lower the draenei's defensive cover. Velen's refuge at the Temple of Karabor was also attacked and defiled by Gul'dan and his new warlocks, who renamed it the Black Temple and set it up as the headquarters of their Shadow Council.


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After the attacks increased — including the final assault that destroyed the city of Shattrath — Velen and some of his followers went into hiding in Zangarmarsh, establishing Telredor, and were never found by either the orcs or Kil'jaeden's minions. Velen remained in contact with neighbouring draenei's camps.

Velen was granted a vision in which he saw the Broken: formerly healthy draenei who had de-evolved during the orcs' murderous crusade to wipe out the draenei race. According to Velen's vision, the Broken would rise to power once again and aid their displaced brethren. Velen's vision was given substance in the form of Nobundo, a one-time draenei vindicator who had regressed while the orcs decimated his race and tore the planet apart. Like his fellow Broken, Nobundo had lost contact with the Light, and so he ventured far into the deserts of Outland to meditate and pray for guidance. After decades of silence, an unfamiliar voice finally answered his prayers. It was not the Light that whispered to him, but the Wind. The breeze spoke to him of lost truths, of the might of the elements—of the delicate balance of power embraced by the shaman. Nobundo listened eagerly and learned all he could. When he judged the time was right, he departed the desert determined to use this knowledge to help the draenei race. However, most draenei refugees greeted the sight of a Broken with skepticism and outright prejudice. Only one of the healthy draenei did not shun the Broken: the wise and perceptive Velen.

Nobundo visited Telredor but hesitated to speak with draenei about shamanism. He even wanted to leave, but thanks to the wise words of Velen, he remained and introduced shamanism to draenei. Velen had heard the philosophy of the shaman before, but Nobundo revealed new truths. The elements were timeless; they stretched across the cosmos to inhabit every world they touched. With the proper training, the draenei might learn to wield this overlooked, seemingly inexhaustible source of power. Velen rejoiced to realize that his vision was coming to pass.

Бегство из Запределья

Файл:Velen Wei.jpg
Пророк Велен под авторством Вэя Ванга

В результате диверсии отряда эльфов крови и эредарки Сиронас, Экзодар рухнул, но все же кораблю удалось попасть в другой мир. Велен в начале приказал лечить раненных и разобраться с последствиями падения корабля – осколки корабля разбросало по всей гряде необитаемых островов, где они упали, вызывая мутации у местной флоры и фауны. Затем он начал знакомиться с новым для него миром.

То ли по иронии судьбы, то ли по року обстоятельств оказалось, что дренеи попали Азерот, на удаленные острова на северо-западе от Калимдора. Тот самый Азерот, чьи жители несколько раз сталкивались с Легионом, и каждый раз давали ему отпор. Тот самый Азерот, куда отправились орки, создав там новую Орду, свободную от порчи демонов, ведомую сыном Дуротана и учеником Оргримма, Траллом. Тот самый Азерот, где обрел свой конец названный брат Велена, Архимонд. Тот самый Азерот, в котором стояли Темный Портал, недавно вновь открывший путь в Запределье, где еще оставались дренеи и наару

Хотя сердце Велена было радо знать, что орки смогли разорвать узы с демонами, разум подсказал ему с осторожностью относиться к Орде. Ни он, ни другие дренеи не могли забыть и простить те ужасы, что Орда причинила им в Дреноре. К тому же в Орду недавно вступили эльфы крови Луносвета, искавшие своего принца и обещанного им рая в Запределье. Из тех земель им был преподнесен задаток – наару М'уру, что был пленен Кел'тасом в крепости Бурь. Используя наару, эльфы крови основали новый орден Рыцарей Крови, паладинов, что подчиняли себе энергию Света, что противоречило убеждениям дренеев. Сами же эльфы не ведали, что их ожидает за вратами…

Другой главной силой в Азероте был Альянс, и дренеям удалось довольно быстро наладить с ними связь благодаря близости к Дарнасу, столице ночных эльфов - одного из членов этого блока. Видя доблестные деяния Альянса, Велен со своими последователями решили присоединиться к этой отважной фракции. Альянс, усиленный новыми союзниками, пересек Темный Портал и помог дренеям отбить их прежние владения у демонов и слуг Иллидана Ярости Бури. Но, несмотря на победы Альянса и Орды в Запределье, оказалось, что у эльфийского принца Кель'таса Солнечного Скитальца были иные планы, нежели у его хозяина Иллидана, или у его народа из Луносвета. Он вступил на службу древнему врагу Велена – Кил'джедену. Он собрал достаточно энергии Запределья в крепости Бурь и отправился на ней в Азерот, на северный остров от Луносвета, к Солнечному Колодцу – иссякшему источнику тайной магии – чтобы наполнить его магической мощью и вновь призвать Легион в Азерот.

Он выкрал М'уру из Луносвета и призвал армии демонов на острове Солнечного Колодца. Подобное эльфы крови Луносвета не могли простить. Они отреклись от своего принца, его регент Лор'Темар Терон запросили помощи у Орды и даже у Альянса, а лидер рыцарей крови леди Лиадрин, раскаявшись за М'уру перед наару, заручилась поддержкой верных им армиям из Запределья. Лишь объединив все силы, героям удалось справиться с миньонами Кель'таса и Легиона, загнав Кил'джедена обратно в Пустоту. После победы Велен воспользовался сердцем павшего М'уру, чтобы освятить оскверненный Солнечный колодец эльфов крови, превратив его в источник энергии Света и тайной магии. Оказалось, что М'уру знал заранее о своем заточении и смерти, и он с радостью принял эту судьбу, ибо это должно было вывести расу эльфов крови из тьмы. М'уру до конца верил в это, ведь то было одно из пророчеств Велена.

В последующие два года Велен стал сильно обеспокоен грядущей схваткой добра и зла. Видения становилось все сложнее распутывать, и он начал все больше времени уделять медитации. С наступлением Катаклизма, который он предвидел, но никому не сообщил, посчитав это маловажным по сравнению с последней битвой с Легионом, он практически не покидал из Трона Наару в Экзодаре и ни с кем не общался. Правда, он вышел из транса, чтобы лично посетить собрание азеротских союзников в Дарнасе, где официально ставился вопрос о включении в Альянс беженцев из Гилнеаса, пострадавших от нападения Орды. Неофициальной темой было также назначения единого главнокомандующего всех войск Альянса, учитывая многие недавние мировые катастрофы и войны, а также надвигающийся конфликт с Ордой. Там он встретил Андуина, мальчика из расы людей, сына короля Штормграда Вариана Ринна, основного претендента на должность лидера Альянса. Велен был заинтригован, насколько сын похож на отца в своих стремлениях, но различается в выборе пути для достижения цели. Андуин стремился потушить костры войны дипломатическими методами, а не разжигать пепелище конфликта, как часто поступал его отец. К тому же юноша серьезно интересовался Светом, и среди его учителей были главные жрецы своих рас – дворф Рохан из клана Бронзобородых и архиепископ Штормградской Церкви Бенедикт. Андуин хотел продолжить развивать свою связь со Светом, и попросился Велену в ученики. Неожиданно для самого себя Велен согласился.

Прогресс Андуина оказался стремителен, уже через год обучения он совершил чудо: выхватил из лап смерти жизнь своего отца, когда на них напали из засады проповедники конца света из Сумеречного Молота. Но главным потрясением для Велена стало то, что смертный ученик преподал важный урок своему учителю – его видения, маяки из Света, померкли, ибо он перестал видеть жителей этого мира каждого по отдельности, не сумел прислушиваться к их нуждам. И если он потерял связь с живыми созданиями настоящего, как он мог увидеть то, каким может стать их будущее? С этой мыслью он вернулся к своему народу и Азероту. Теперь он живет не только будущим, но и настоящим. Он понял, что дом дренеев теперь находился здесь, в Азероте, что их прибытие сюда было не случайность, а их союзники – не временные. Именно здесь, в Азероте, дренеи нашли обещанную наару армию Света, способную остановить войска Саргераса, в лице Альянса и Орды. Ибо таково было новое видение Пророка. Теперь Велен и его дренеи не сбегут, и будут стоять до последнего, правда по-прежнему осталась одна проблема… Как можно сплотить в армию Света две фракции, столь ненавидящие друг друга?

Burning Crusade

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Велен в игре.

Пророк Велен является ?? (Босс) фракции Альянса и находится в Экзодаре, главной столице дренеев. Пережив крушение, Велен продолжает вести свой народ из своего нового убежища Чертога Света, глубоко внутри крупнейшей неповрежденной части разбившегося Экзодара. По окончанию сюжетной цепочки заданий на Острове Кровавой Дымки появляется Велен, чтобы поздравить молодых героев с успешным отражением нападений эльфов крови.

Он связан со следующими заданиями:

Пророчество Солнечного Колодца

According to A'dal, Velen made the following prophecy:

Silvery moon, washed in blood,
Led astray into the night, armed with the sword of broken Light.
Broken, then betrayed by one, standing there bestride the sun.
At darkest hour, redemption comes, in knightly lady sworn to blood.

The first line refers to Silvermoon City and its destruction by the Scourge; the second to the blood elves' reverence of Prince Kael'thas, and his "gift" of the naaru M'uru to give power to the Blood Knight order; the third refers to the Blood Knights' discovery of Kael'thas' treachery (Kael'thas and his fel elves capture M'uru and take him to the Sunwell), and the fourth refers to Lady Liadrin, the Blood Knight leader, who renounces her ties to Kael'thas and swears her allegiance to the Sha'tar and the Shattered Sun Offensive.

Падение Искусителя

Основная статья: Sunwell Plateau epilogue

Following the defeat of Kil'jaeden in the Sunwell Plateau, Velen will arrive to congratulate the players, accompanied by Lady Liadrin, leader of the Blood Knights. Following the banishment of Kil'Jaeden, Velen recovered the spark left after the defeat of Muru and used it to recharge the Sunwell with holy energies, directly saving the Blood elf race from magical withdrawl despite the amount of wrongs the blood elf people have commited against him and his people.

Нашествие Плети

When the Lich King awoke, he sent his Scourge into all corners of Azeroth. To defeat the Plague and necropolises, members of the Church of the Holy Light traveled to Shattrath and created an artifact of the Naaru's Light. Adventurers of the Alliance delivered it to Velen for defence.

Wrath of the Lich King

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Velen was present at the meeting during the Elemental Unrest, discussing the earthquakes, stating that he could feel them in the Exodar and suggesting that the Alliance should flee while they still can.

Раскол: Прелюдия к Катаклизму

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When Magni Bronzebeard was petrified, Velen sent Nobundo to represent the draenei at Magni Bronzebeard's memorial.


Файл:Velen in the Harborage.jpg
Velen enters the Harborage to come to the aid of Magtoor
Cata Эта секция содержит эксклюзивную информацию для Cataclysm.

The Prophet has largely remained in seclusion, focusing his energies on nothing save the coming battle between Light and Darkness. However, during Quest:Remember the Light, Velen comes in person to the Harborage in the Swamp of Sorrows, to aid the desperate Anchorite Avuun in his tending to the mortally-injured Magtoor. Velen channels "Extreme Unction" (another term for "last rites") on the dying Broken, allowing him to be raised up by the Light.

Волчье сердце

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Shortly after the Shattering, Velen traveled to Darnassus to meet with the other leaders of the Alliance. Surprisingly, he had not been invited. Tyrande mentioned that they had assumed the draenei as a whole had declared themselves neutral after defeating Kil'jaeden. Velen dismissed the assumption and declared the draenei's allegiance to helping the Alliance, stating that they would remain on Azeroth for so long as they were needed. Nevertheless, he was treated as an honoured guest. Even Malfurion wished to seek his opinion about the troubling matters of the Highborne murders.

When King Varian Wrynn finally arrived at the summit with his son and started his disparagement of Genn Greymane, Velen was seen to have taken a sudden interest in Anduin. It was after the verbal brawl between the two kings, that Tyrande and Malfurion noticed Velen talking with Anduin about the Light, but were interrupted when the prince's personal guards came to retrieve him. Later, while the Prophet was meditating in the Temple Gardens, Anduin approached him again and resumed their talk about the Light.

After overhearing the argument between Malfurion and Varian, Anduin informed his father about his decision to leave and train with Velen. When the young prince reassured Velen of his choice, the Prophet offered to take Anduin under his wing for a time and noted that he has a great destiny ahead of him within the Light.[4]

Урок Провидца

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After taking Anduin under this tutelage, Velen sought to find the path that would lead to victory over the Burning Legion, losing himself in his visions and refusing to see anyone aside from the human prince. When human refugees from the Shattering made their way to Azuremyst Isle and camped out in front of the Exodar, Anduin questioned why he never warned anyone else about Deathwing. In answer, Velen showed him a vision of a world destroyed by the Burning Legion, and explained that despite the devastation wrought by Deathwing, finding a way to defeat the Burning Legion was of even greater importance. After Anduin left, though, Velen thought about the young prince's question, and wondered if perhaps the Light, which guided him through visions both true and false, had not directed him toward the Cataclysm?

Later, Anduin tried to get Velen to see what was happening outside the Exodar. The refugees were unhappy and demanding to see the Prophet; he was needed in the here and now. When Velen turned to face Anduin, he had a sudden vision of a hero in gleaming armor, leading not just the Horde and Alliance, but the dragons and naaru as well in a battle against the Burning Legion. When the refugees started a riot, leading to a fight with the draenei guards, Anduin rushed to Velen, begging him to stop the needless slaughter. Anduin asked what the war against the Legion meant for those fighting outside, and reminded him that every life is a universe to be protected. Wondering how he had become so lost that he must be taught by a mortal child, Velen went outside and, in a booming voice, berated both the refugees and his fellow draenei for what had occurred, walking out onto the blood-soaked ground to help heal the fallen. Realizing that he had become so focused on the future that he had lost sight of the present, he resolved that the draenei would go out into Azeroth and help heal the world.

Приливы войны

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png Эта секция содержит эксклюзивную информацию для романов или коротких историй о Wacraft.

After Deathwing's defeat, Velen still kept Anduin under his tutelage, teaching him something new almost every single day. [5]

When Theramore was in danger of being invaded by the Horde, Jaina Proudmoore asked Velen for help.[6]


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At some point after the Alliance and Horde's landing in Pandaria, Prince Anduin Wrynn was heavily wounded: his bones broken after a confrontation with Garrosh Hellscream. He was carried to safety at Lion's Landing and is under emergency care. King Varian, while tending to his son, has summoned Velen to Lion's Landing to help his son. However, in 5.2 Anduin states that he was healed by Pandaren Mistweavers so Velen never came.

With Garrosh's attack against Anduin and his possession of the Heart of Y'Shaarj, the Prophet suspected that the warchief's leadership would end in disaster, not only for the Alliance but for all of Azeroth as well.


The encounter with Velen is generally considered the easiest of the faction leaders, and the virtually non-existent player traffic within the Exodar leaves room for pre planning. It is often the first city to be attacked during a "For the Horde!" raid, due to its simplicity.

The raid should group up at the stairs, and to play it safe, pull Velen's two battlemasters before him. With them down, the raid can freely focus on Velen.

Velen pulls with his battlemasters, though if disposed of beforehand will only be protected by his Shield of Velen elite guards. One tank is enough to hold him in such a case.

Velen's abilities are not particularly potent, even after the step up to Cataclysm level difficulty. His shield is easily broken, and his infrequent use of Holy Nova can be easily healed through. His Holy Smite ability will be randomly cast on a raid member. For the most part, the encounter is a good example of tank and spank, and the extremely low chance of an Alliance defense raid allows breathing space.


  • Spell holy searinglight.png  Holy Blast — Blasts an enemy with Holy magic, inflicting 9625 to 12375 Holy damage and knocking the enemy back.
  • Spell holy holynova.png  Holy Nova — Causes an explosion of divine light, inflicting 18900 to 23100 Holy damage to nearby enemies.
  • Spell holy holysmite.png  Holy Smite — Smites an enemy, inflicting Holy damage.
  • Ability meleedamage.png  Staff Strike — Strikes at an enemy, inflicting increased melee damage.


Мало кому суждено постичь рассудком возраст и мудрость Велена, еще меньше - его дар предвидения и бремя одиночества, что лежит на Пророке. Его понимание неизмеримо выше, чем у всех остальных, и даже его народ не может полностью понять его.

Пророк давно уже научился не принимать свои видения близко к сердцу, иначе бы он давно потерял рассудок. Третий глаз пребывает с ним настолько давно, что дар предвидения сделался для него таким же обыденным, как и дыхание. Его взору открыты бесчисленное множество альтернативных вселенных, но Велен не чувствует горя по поводу линий будущего, не скорбит об их гибели, не радуется их триумфам. Он просто читает их, наблюдает за их причудливыми переплетениями, ища среди них пути, которые ведут к окончательной победе Жизни и Света над тьмой и спасению всего живого от смерти. О чем он скорбит – так об упущенных возможностях и прошлом, что нельзя исправить, об уничтоженных демонами мирах и народах, что остались лишь в памяти его народа.

Пророк не многосложен и осторожен в своих действиях, постоянно сверяясь со своими видениями. С другой стороны от него можно ожидать неожиданных и рискованных поступков, если он может узреть, что поступает так в будущем. Он не приемлет вражды, если речь идет не о Легионе, его невозможно спровоцировать на бой, хотя тот, кто добьется этого - глупец, ибо Велен - сильнейший маг и жрец. Обычно он стремится найти корень зла и способы искоренить его, и дар предвидения помогает ему в этом. Иногда ему удается разрешить конфликт одним лишь своим присутствием, одной фразой, одним действием, одним пророчеством – причем эффект необязательно скажется сразу и проявит себя лишь через десятилетия.

Осколок Ата'мал, Песнь Духа

Осколки кристалла Ата'мал служили всему обществу дренеев, как и целый кристалл некогда служил благородным эредарам. Лишь один камень Велен всегда носит с собой – фиолетовую Песню Духа. Сила этого камня открывает Пророку разум и дух, в некотором роде это почти как прямая связь с наару. Велен всегда чувствует себя сильнее и чище, когда он медитирует вместе с ним. Хотя каждый из семи кристаллов бесценен и могуществен, этим он дорожит более всего. Многие другие осколки были потеряны в ходе кровавой бойни орков и дренеев, но благодаря бережливой опеке Пророка в нахождении этого артефакта сомневаться не приходится


  • We must unite against the Legion.
  • Not all who wander are lost.
  • Will you join our cause?
  • An unwise decision.
  • I foresaw this.
  • How unfortunate...for you.


  • Velen never faulted Garrosh for the crimes of his father, Grom, but was wary about the Horde's potentional.
  • Velen is considered to be immortal.
  • When the Burning Crusade was first released Velen had the speech file of a normal male Draenei. However, upon the release of Patch 2.1.0, Velen was given his own voice file (see below for quotes).
  • The name Velen may be related to a character from the sci-fi television series, Babylon 5: Valen. Several general details between the two characters seem similar. Valen appeared aboard a starship seemingly out of nowhere to aid the Minbari in their war against the chaotic Shadows, much as Velen and the draenei crashed on Azeroth just in time to help fight the Burning Legion. Both seem to posses some method of prophecy, and both have contact with a higher race of beings of light, Velen the Naaru, Valen the Vorlons.
  • The Alliance's tier 9 priest sets are named after Velen.
  • Velen is listed as a shaman in the trading card game, though there is nothing in lore to indicate that he is one. This may have been done to emphasize the fact that the draenei were the first Alliance race to have shamans, as Lor'themar, who was added in the same set, is a paladin in the card game despite being a ranger in lore. Alternatively, it's simply a mistake.
  • One of Velen's quotes - "Not all who wander are lost" - may be based on a line from the poem All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.
  • During the event following Kil'jaeden's defeat at the Sunwell, Velen calls Kil'jaeden his "brother", they at least treated each other like brothers; "Kil'jaeden had loved Velen as a brother, closer than that, loved him almost as another aspect of himself".[7]
  • Art featuring Velen always showed him wielding the Exodar Life-Staff which he was also seen with after the defeat of Kil'jaeden at the Sunwell. However, it was not until the Cataclysm expansion that Velen properly wielded the staff within the Exodar.
  • Velen is voiced by Alan Shearman.


Изменения в обновлениях


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