Падение Терамора (Альянс)

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Падение Терамора
Загрузочный экран
МестоположениеТерамор, Пылевые топи
РасыЧеловекЧеловек Человек
ГоблинГоблин Гоблин
ОркОрк Орк
ТролльТролль Тролль
Последний боссWarlord Rok'nah
Информация о подземелье
Минимальное среднее уровня предметов425 (Normal)
496 (Heroic)

Падение Терамора - сценарий World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. Сценарий начинается с того что, Гоблинский дирижабль сбрасывает мана-бомбу на Терамор.

На 90 уровне, сценарий может быть запущен, если вы поговорите с Зидорми, найти ее можно на [55.9, 49.5]
конце западного моста из Терамора.



Найдите выживших в руинах разрушенного города. Мужайтесь, герои Альянса!

Первые лучи солнца, восходящего над восточной частью Калимдора, осветили ужасающую картину, раскинувшуюся перед тремя странниками. Терамор полностью разрушен!

Воины Орды прочесывают остров в поисках выживших, а побежденные вынуждены набивать трюмы орочьих боевых кораблей награбленным.

Что здесь произошло?

Где леди Праудмур?



Карты и подрегионы

The Lady Mehley · Терамор


Руководство по прохождению


Дирижабль гоблинов высоко летит над Терамором, приближаясь с юга, очень большая бомба висит под двумя толстыми цепями.
Гоблин-капитан говорит: We're gonna turn this place into a sinkhole, heh.
Just as the airship passes over Theramore it drops the bomb. It slams into the ground right in front of the steps of Jaina's tower and explodes!

Фаза 1: Добро пожаловать в Терамор!

Защитите корабль от войск Орды.
  • Корабль защищен

When a party member steps onto the dock, a handful of grunts start swarming the Lady Mehley, but Marines Anderson and Halters will fend them off. Two named units, Sergeant Grud and Wave-Caller Zulga must be defeated to advance the stage.

Captain "Stash" Torgoley говорит: By the Light... Theramore! What has happened here?!
Captain "Stash" Torgoley говорит: Abe, get below deck and hide. Everyone else, keep watch and be ready for an attack.
Abe the Cabin Boy говорит: Y-yes sir!
Captain "Stash" Torgoley говорит: If someone's bold enough to investigate, we'll keep the ship here as longa s we can.
Marine Anderson говорит: Captain! Please keep your crew safely on board. We'll defend the ship if it's attacked.

A party member steps onto the dock:

Sergeant Grud кричит: That's a ship! An ALLIANCE ship!
Wave-Caller Zulga кричит: Merely a transport, Grud. Not a warship.
Sergeant Grud кричит: I don't care! I'M KILLING EVERYTHING ON BOARD! Move it, grunts!
Marine Anderson кричит: Here they come, Halters! Get ready!
Marine Halters кричит: FOR THERAMORE!
Sergent Grud кричит: AID ME!

Фаза 2: Освобождение гавани

Одержите победу над Ордой в гавани.
  • Капитаны Орды убиты x3
  • Суда Орды потоплены x3
  • Убито захватчиков Рок'наха x20

Once the two named mobs are defeated, head on to the dock. Directly ahead is the goblin airship that dropped the bomb, under the command of Sky-Captain "Dashing" Daz. Be wary of his AoE-charm. Interact with the Leaking Oil Drum on deck, astern, to set the ship alight. Keep heading up the dock, where Overseer Lurguk stands. Take him off, then either head left to defeat Captain Mousson, or right to find Captain Korthok. Destroy both of their ships as well.

Фаза 3: К руинам

Прорвитесь на руины Терамора через ряды противника.
  • Gash'nul slain
  • Vicious Wyvern slain x2
  • Rok'nah invaders slain x8

Between the dock and the inside of the island is Gash'nul, a wind rider master, guarded by two vicious wyverns and a handful of troops. Clear out the troops before pulling Gash'nul, then quickly burn down the two wyvern adds before focusing on him. Quickly destroy the storm totems to save a large amount of damage.

Gash'nul кричит: You'll never leave Theramore alive!
Avoid or destroy Gash'nul's Storm Totems.

Фаза 4: Леди Праудмур

Найдите Джайну в кратере мана-бомбы.
  • Jaina located

From Gash'nul's position, keep heading northwest to the crater. Jaina is standing next to the bomb, alongside a handful of frozen Horde troops. Speak with her to receive further instructions.

Lady Jaina Proudmoore говорит: This aberration destroyed... everything. Everyone.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore говорит: The Horde cannot be allowed to recover the Focusing iris. Eliminate what remains of their forces, and I will secure the artifact.

Фаза 5: Разрушение разрушителя

Уничтожьте осадную машину у западных ворот и найдите украденные штандарты.
  • Gatecrusher destroyed
  • Stolen Standard recovered x3

Circle around to the west side of the isle, where the new Theramore Highway gate was constructed. There, the Gatecrusher is moving up and down the path in an attempt to batter down the now-closed gate. The siege weapon will not need to be tanked normally, as it fixates on party members at random. Also in the area are three stolen Theramore Standards. Interact with one to gain a 15% damage buff for the remainder of the scenario.

Фаза 6: Последний рубеж

Защищайте Джайну, пока она открывает доступ к Радужному Средоточию.
  • Warlord Rok'nah slain
  • Jaina protected

Once the siege vehicle is destroyed and the standards recovered, return to Jaina. Warlord Rok'nah will walk down the hill from the north with a squad in tow. Jaina will summon three water elementals to assist, but she will not take part in the battle herself.

Lady Jaina Proudmoore говорит: I must attune to the Focusing Iris before transport. Protect me!
Warlord Rok'nah кричит: NO ONE CAN PROTECT YOU! Kill the Proudmoore wench, and bring me that bomb.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore кричит: Your people are despicable cowards, orc. You are nothing more than rabid dogs, and you will be put down!
Warlord Rok'nah кричит: Brave words, mage. I'll SPIT in your FACE when you beg for mercy.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore кричит: You spit on mercy? Then you will have NONE. You want carnage?! Garrosh will get more blood than EVER he bargained for!
Warlord Rok'nah кричит: NRAAAH! I'll bring the Warchief your HEAD!
Warlord Rok'nah draws his sword and shield.
Warlord Rok'nah drops his shield and draws a dagger.


Lady Jaina Proudmoore говорит: All of you have my deepest thanks. With the Focusing Iris removed, this lifeless bomb is a sickening testament to Garrosh's brutality. The winds of change blow fiercely; Azeroth is now on the brink of war. My apologies, but you must excuse me... I have much to consider. Farewell.


After completing this scenario for the first time, Theramore is shown destroyed in the main world via phasing. It is possible to switch between the two phases, with intact and destroyed Theramore, by talking to Zidormi at the end of the western bridge.

Награды игрокам 85 уровня

In the weeks before launch of Mists of Pandaria, this scenario was tuned for Level 85 players.

Upon the first completion, Jaina would mail players a letter with the Theramore Tabard attached:

Theramore Tabard

I wished to send a token of my gratitude for your assistance after the Horde-wrought catastrophe upon Theramore Isle.

May you wear it with pride, and always: Remember Theramore.

Lady Jaina Proudmoore

Players would also automatically receive a Spoils of Theramore bag and 140 Очки справедливости upon completion of the run. The bag most likely contained 5xAlliance Firework, but may rarely have contained any of the following instead:

Spoils of Theramore
Item Type Stats
5xAlliance Firework Consumable
Everlasting Alliance Firework Vanity
Theramore Arcanist's Hat Cloth head Intellect/spirit
Squallshaper's Hat Cloth head Intellect/hit
Rok'nah Hag's Hat Cloth head Intellect/haste
Rok'nah Raider's Helm Leather head Intellect/spirit
Rok'nah Skirmisher's Helm Leather head Agility/haste
Rok'nah Wolfcaller's Helm Mail head Intellect/spirit
Rok'nah Wolfstalker's Helm Mail head Agility/haste
Golden Circlet Plate head Strength/parry
Black Circlet Plate head Strength/crit
Silver Circlet Plate head Intellect/spirit
Blood Guard's Shield Shield Intellect/spirit
Overseer's Handaxe One-hand axe Agility/crit
Grunt's Greataxe Two-hand axe Strength/haste
Marine's Rifle Gun Agility/crit
Skirmisher's Spear Polearm Agility/crit
Captain's Cutlass One-hand sword Strength/parry
Sailor's Scimitar One-hand sword Strength/hit
Staff of the Faithful Staff Intellect/spirit
Archmage's Staff Staff Intellect/hit
Marksman's Blade Dagger Agility/hit




Исправления в обновлениях

  • (18-09-2012): "
    • ​The health of all enemies in Theramore's Fall has been doubled.
    • Theramore Footmen have stopped using Shield Bash."
  • (17-09-2012): "For the duration of the week of September 17-24, level-85 characters will be able to queue up for and participate in the Alliance and Horde versions of this new Scenario."
  • MoP Обновление 5.0.4 (28-08-2012): Added


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