Рыба Тростниковая Шкура

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Рыба Тростниковая Шкура
Изображение для Рыба Тростниковая Шкура
Пол Женский
Раса Пандарен (Гуманоид)
Уровень 90
Здоровье 393,000
Фракция Земледельцы
Зона Cattail Lake, Долина Четырех Ветров[41.75, 30.05]
Статус Жива

Рыба Тростниковая Шкура умудрилась раскопать так много сведений об истории этого континента, что всем остальным жителям даже и не снилось!

Рыбе нравятся Нефритовые коты и  [Блюдо из двух рыб]. Она любит животных, поэтому выращивает свиней. Еще она любит рассказывать и слушать истории.

Как только вы станете лучшими друзьями, Рыба подарит вам три свиньи на Ферму Солнечной Песни. Одна из них будет в загоне для скота, а две других возле пруда.

Рыба также принимает участие в заданиях, ведущих к нахождению Сокровищ Старого Шипа и получению достижения Оно нашлось!.



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Лучшие друзья

После того, как вы станете друзьями, Рыба пошлет вам письмо с мешочком особенных семян.

Письмо от Рыбы

Hey <name>!

Whatcha up to? Are you reading this letter from that big ole city you told me about?

Anyways, your farm is lookin' real good these days, so I thought I'd help out my best friend with some gifts.

I brought some of my pigs over. Ain't no farmer who doesn't have some good, fat pigs! I'm also giving you my stash of special seeds.

Hope you visit me soon!


Внутри мешочка содержится: Семечко кактуса-ветрореза, Семечко хищнолиста, Волшебная луковица, Семечко цикуты и Семечко колокольчика.


  • Howdy, stranger!
  • Hey there! Ain't seen a face like yours 'round here before.
  • Folk 'round here are mighty good... if you stick 'round long enough to find out.
  • Hey there! Have I seen yer face before?
  • I take care o' the pigs 'round here.
  • Hey, why's your name <name>? Isn't that a weird name?
  • Hey there, citypaw! You heard o' any good stories that you can share? I love tellin' stories!
  • Hey, have you heard the story 'bout Old Man Thistle? That's a good story if I ever heard 'un.
  • My papa always told me that fish swim 'n birds fly. Now if I can swim AND fly, what does that make me?
  • Hey buddy! Mighty nice seein' you again.
  • Hey buddy! The pigs are doin' jus' fine today!
  • My papa always told me to make friends 'stead o' enemies. That's why ye're my buddy!
  • Whaddaya mean Fish is a weird name, too? It ain't weird at all, buddy! I was named after dem fishes in the lake!
    Now just now what's a "<name>," eh? I ask ya that!
  • Hey there, buddy! I loved that story 'bout that boy Arthas. You got any others to share?
  • Hey there, buddy! I loved that story 'bout that orc Thrall. You got any others to share?
  • Hey friend? Mighty nice seein' you again.
  • Howdy, friend! You gone down and seen my pigs yet?
  • My papa always told me that friends are worth more than sweet turnips. That's why ye're my friend, <name>!
  • Now that we're friends, you can call me Fish.
    Ha ha! I'm so funny!
    I'm jus' kidding... everyone calls me Fish! That's cuz everyone's my friend!
  • Hey there, friend! Tell me again that story 'bout the world tree and the... whatcha callit... the sunderin'!
Хороший друг
  • Howdy, <name>!
  • Howdy, my good friend! Now why my mama and papa didn't name me Pig, I jus' don't know.
  • My papa always told me that good friends are worth more than a chipper carrot. That's why yer my good friend, <name>!
  • Yeh know my good friend, I seen a lot o' funny names in my time. Fish really ain't that strange. No, it's downright normal!
  • Hey there, my good friend! Tell me again that story 'bout that scary dragon, Deathwing!
Лучший друг
Well now that you and me are neighbors, I can tell you the truth. It's just downright wrong not ta have a proper pig or two on your farm! I'll bring some by when yer not lookin' and then blammo! You'll have pigs.
  • Howdy, neighbor! Whatcha doin' today?
  • Hey neighbor! How're those pigs doin' at yer farm? I bet they're mighty happy!
  • My papa always told me that neighbors are worth more than earth. Now that's sayin' something
    That's why yer my neighbor, <name>!
  • Hey neighbor, what're we talkin' bout anyway? Ain't nothing in a name!
    Like my papa always said, ye'd still eat a pink melon if it were called an onion, right?
  • Hey there, neighbor! I love stories so much, I just wanna hear 'em all!
    But ya know, I think we've made some good stories together too, dontcha think?

Обновление Фермы Солнечной Песни
  • I got a green thumb and a steel thumb. My pappy taught me how to fix just 'bout anything.
  • Well this wagon ain't gonna fix itself.
  • Are all you citypaws this impatient?
  • Look, here's the deal. You keep yammerin' and I stop hammerin'.
Задание:Сокровище Старого Шипа
Oooh, this is so exciting! A real life treasure hunt!

Woowhee! I still can't believe we found Old Man Thistle's treasure. I guess all those folk stories weren't so true after all, but I still like tellin' them!

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